Nusroto Association

Organization mission and profile:

Nusroto is an NGO with a special consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of United Nations ECOSOC.


Nusroto Al-Anashid Association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (acknowledgment note 203/AD),established on October 4,2005.


1- to help all people in need of health care, to offer social and educational help especiallyf for elderly people, orphelines and widows.

2-to work with the competent authorities in order to provide people in need with scholarships and medical care.

3- to offer social assistance inside jail according to jail regulations and laws.

 4-to create a care center to  receive, nurse and rehabilitate the newly released prisoners, to guide them in their reintegration in society and help them find a job.

5- to establish a care center to receive, nurse and rehabilitate drug and alcohol addicts.

6- to cooperate with the municipalities, the governmental, security and social institutions, with non-governmental associations, and hospitals to avoid  the danger of drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence.

7- to establish an institute aiming to teach music, singing, drawing, dancing, languages, handcraft, and musicotherapy to the associations and to the prisons’ beneficiaries.

8-to establish a day care to provide children care;

9- to establish a center for the elderly and provide them with appropriate care ;

10- to establish dispensaries as well as medical and psychological care centers;

11- to establish a boarding center for children and juveniles exposed to delinquency;

12- to establish an equiped center in order to receive and accommodate women subjected to violence and delinquency and provide them with care;  to rehabilitate them, study their familial, social and legal problems and protect them on all levels.



Nusroto has an Academy, which teaches more than 100 students of different ages many subjects: music theory, playing on different music instruments, vocal exercises in singing, languages, handcraft and food processing. Nusroto has a small factory which produces cleaning products (disinfectant, floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid, bleach, shower gel, glass cleaner, hand soap, stains remover and hand gel sanitizers).

Besides that, Nusroto has a choir (100 members) founded since 1999 for adolescents and adults. It performed several concerts, in Lebanon and abroad.

Moreover, Nusroto promotes humanitarian sustainable development. This happens through the rehabilitation of people who use drugs, in its rehab inpatient and outpatient centers, and especially, through the follow-up it does after their reintegration into society, in order to guarantee that they are productive and effective individuals.


In addition to that, Nusroto builds partnerships with other NGO’s & INGO’s, working in drug field, to increase knowledge and to share experience.


On the other hand, Nusroto coordinates the humanitarian actions in Lebanese prisons. The association is a member of Prison Fellowship International PFI (Washington DC), and is its representative in Lebanon. It serves many inmates in prisons, on psycho social, medical, and legal levels. Currently, Nusroto is implementing two projects inside the prisons: Sycamore Tree Project STP, 2016-2022, a restorative justice way in order to reduce repetitive crime; and The Prisoner’s Journey TPJ 2019-2022, to inspire broken people, and give them a new hope for their future. As well Nusroto is organizing sports activities with UNODC in some Lebanese prisons, and it is working with prisoners on conflict transformation to end violent extremism based on a MOU, with the INGO Search for Common Ground.


Furthermore, Nusroto is a member, in the World Federation Against Drugs WFAD- International NGO founded in Sweden – and represents Asia in the international board of  WFAD since 2014 until present time.

Nusroto also established in 2017, “LAMSA”, a workshop and a show room for hand crafts prepared by its residents in the rehab center.

As well, Nusroto founded in 2018, an inpatient reeducation center for juveniles. They are referred by the Ministries of Justice / Social Affairs.

On another note, Nusroto is collaborating with different NGO’s and INGO’s in different activities, such as the Community Kitchen organized by IOCC and implemented by Nusroto (December 2015 till June 2019); lodging Mental Health patients referred by UNHCR and Relief International based on the MOU; and temporary housing for female based violence referred by NGO’s working on women rights; and summer activities for children aged from 5-18 on COVID 19 measures and on children rights supported by World Vision.

Nusroto has two branches as follow-up offices in DahrSarba-Keserwane and in Sahel El-Matn-JdeidehBouchrieh.