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Nusroto is a Syriac word; it means chants of joy. -In 2000, Father Marwan Ghanem established Nusroto Al-Anashid choir and in 2002, he established “Father Marwan Ghanem Institute for arts and music”. -The choir evolved into a charity organization named “Nusroto- Al Anashid Charity Association"(Acknowledgment note 203/AD) dated 04/10/2005. -In 2006, the organization established the "Cenacle of the Son of Man” to rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts, internal category. -In 2011, the association became a member at Prison Fellowship International. -In 2012, the association enrolled in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association was elected to represent the Asian continent in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association opened up a rehabilitation center to follow up and prevent drug and alcohol addiction, external category.

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Prison Fellowship Lebanon

Prison Fellowship Lebanon (77)

In such overcrowded prisons as the Lebanese ones that still lack the minimum requirements to meet international standards, the humanitarian mission of Nusroto association- Prison fellowship Lebanon is to help inmates to reconcile with themselves, with others and with God. The association offers them its comprehensive rehabilitation center where they could find medical, social and legal help.

Due to Prison Fellowship-Lebanon professional services inside the Lebanese prisons, the Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Lebanon elected Fr. Ghanem Prisons' General Chaplain. The huge responsibilities urged its members and volunteers to carry out professional training programs and participate in international conferences to acquire skills in serving inside Lebanese prisons.

The UAE Minister of Interior honored Prison Fellowship-Lebanon by offering Father Marwan Ghanem a trophy from the General Direction of Penal and Correctional Associations.

Under the demand of the Coordinator of Prison Fellowship- Middle East, Mr. Roy Moussally,  Nusroto association joined the Prison Fellowship  International that includes 127 countries. In 2011, Prison Fellowship- Lebanon attended for the first time the International conference in Canada and had the honor to receive the membership of  the Prison Fellowship International .

One of its most important activities in coordination with the Prison Fellowship  International and the German institution Humedica was a medical campaign where German doctors' teams visited the Lebanese prisons and offered medical services and medicines. 

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