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Start date 01-07-2017
End date 01-07-2020
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Nusroto is a Syriac word; it means chants of joy. -In 2000, Father Marwan Ghanem established Nusroto Al-Anashid choir and in 2002, he established “Father Marwan Ghanem Institute for arts and music”. -The choir evolved into a charity organization named “Nusroto- Al Anashid Charity Association"(Acknowledgment note 203/AD) dated 04/10/2005. -In 2006, the organization established the "Cenacle of the Son of Man” to rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts, internal category. -In 2011, the association became a member at Prison Fellowship International. -In 2012, the association enrolled in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association was elected to represent the Asian continent in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association opened up a rehabilitation center to follow up and prevent drug and alcohol addiction, external category.

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Nusroto Ladies

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Just after Nusroto Al Anashid and the Cenacle of the Son of Man were founded, a number of well-wisher women from the Bekaa and Zahleh gathered and decided to give support. The ladies were dedicated to volunteering and providing assistance to the association under the name of "Nusroto Ladies".

Since 2007 the Ladies have undertaken to conduct lively and productive activities including annual events (breakfasts, tea meals, concerts). The purpose is to fundraise for saving and rehabilitating drug addicts. They also participate in prayers and masses with the residents of the Cenacle of the Son of Man.