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Nusroto is a Syriac word; it means chants of joy. -In 2000, Father Marwan Ghanem established Nusroto Al-Anashid choir and in 2002, he established “Father Marwan Ghanem Institute for arts and music”. -The choir evolved into a charity organization named “Nusroto- Al Anashid Charity Association"(Acknowledgment note 203/AD) dated 04/10/2005. -In 2006, the organization established the "Cenacle of the Son of Man” to rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts, internal category. -In 2011, the association became a member at Prison Fellowship International. -In 2012, the association enrolled in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association was elected to represent the Asian continent in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association opened up a rehabilitation center to follow up and prevent drug and alcohol addiction, external category.

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Nusroto AL-Anashid Association, under the patronage of H.E Pierre Bou Assy, Minister of Social Affairs,  with the collaboration of World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD), is organizing Regional Conference in Lebanon: “Drugs: Treatment and Prevention” on Wednesday May 3rd and Thursday May 4th, 2017 at Monroe Hotel, Downtown Beirut.
The conference will have speakers and representatives of multitude ministries of Lebanon: Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, Ministry of Media, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education and Higher Education with their various contribution and support to drugs treatment and prevention.
The program consists of lectures given by distinguished professors and professional leaders from Europe and Asia specially from Sweden, Austria, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, and other countries.
In the conference, many deputies, judges, lawyers, law enforcement   and association leaders and activists will report their latest innovative prospects on drugs treatment and prevention.