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Nusroto is a Syriac word; it means chants of joy. -In 2000, Father Marwan Ghanem established Nusroto Al-Anashid choir and in 2002, he established “Father Marwan Ghanem Institute for arts and music”. -The choir evolved into a charity organization named “Nusroto- Al Anashid Charity Association"(Acknowledgment note 203/AD) dated 04/10/2005. -In 2006, the organization established the "Cenacle of the Son of Man” to rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts, internal category. -In 2011, the association became a member at Prison Fellowship International. -In 2012, the association enrolled in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association was elected to represent the Asian continent in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association opened up a rehabilitation center to follow up and prevent drug and alcohol addiction, external category.

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Cenacle Of The Son Of Man

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Cenacle of the Son of Man:
-    Cenacle= the place where Jesus Christ used to meet his disciples.
-    The son of man=Jesus Christ the Lord.
Our targets:
-    A free spiritual, psychological, physical and social treatment and rehabilitation service for drug and alcohol addicts.
-    Help the reactivation and social integration of those who healed from their addiction.
-    A gathering place for man and woman from various religious, social and ethnic backgrounds.
-    To tolerate and respect others.
-    To respect confidentiality.
-    To acknowledge that the addicted person is sick and powerless.
-    To convince the addict that there is a stronger power than drugs and that "God” can change him and save his life.
-    To decide to entrust God with one's willpower and one's life.
-    To follow up residents after having completed all stages of rehabilitation 
Drugs addiction:
It’s a state of compulsive, repetitive and important use of various kinds of drugs or any other psychiatric medications that enslave abuser's life; it’s a decreased, slowed ability to respond to naturally rewarding stimuli.
Eligibility for admission:
- Meeting with the social assistant.
- Meeting with the psychotherapist.
- Weaning treatment in a hospital under the cenacle doctor’s supervision. 
- Meeting with the administration members.
- Admission to cenacle for rehabilitation straight after weaning treatment.

Rehabilitation program:
Spiritual education:
According the catholic church instructions by the means of explanations in the gospel, the church sacraments, spiritual exercises, hymns and religious meaningful celebrations.
- Individual and collective sessions, parental guidance, psychological test for a twelve month period of time away from noise and stress.         
Social assistance:
- Case management, individual meetings.
- Home visits in order to enhance familial relationships.
-  Social groups creation.
- Awareness raising sessions.
Cultural educative program:
- Various lectures (medical, political, social…)
- Reading literary and spiritual books.
- IT lessons.
- Watching literary and spiritual movies.
- Handcrafts (rosary, artistic trinkets…)
- Music and theater classes.
- First aid training.
- Art sessions.
- Psychosocial support sessions.
Fitness program:
Swimming, gymnastics, Karate, Ping pong, Baby foot, relaxation, physical sessions.
Entertainment program:
Hiking, pilgrimage, touristic sites visiting, ceremonies, recitals.
Reintegration and follow up after recovery:
-   Try to increase employment opportunities on behalf of recovered addict.
-   Three years weekly follow up program for recovered addicts and their parents.
Medical exams and consulting:
Corporation with a number of health care professionals
Legal follow up:
- During and after rehabilitation period, the Cenacle provides the opportunities of advocacy and increases awareness on behalf of its residents. 
- Help release prisoners especially addicts who wish to enter the cenacle for rehabilitation.
- Treatment and rehabilitation takes up to 14 months where the resident has the chance to get up to a point where he becomes a new person who deserves to be accepted by his family and his society.
- Three year follow up program for beneficiaries.
  Financing and continuity:
- Self-financing:
Ceremonies, diners, various activities on behalf of the Cenacle of the Son of Man.
- External financing:
- Financial support received from the Ministry of Social Affairs covering a part of residents' expenses.
- The generosity of benefactors and all people who desire to help.