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Nusroto is a Syriac word; it means chants of joy. -In 2000, Father Marwan Ghanem established Nusroto Al-Anashid choir and in 2002, he established “Father Marwan Ghanem Institute for arts and music”. -The choir evolved into a charity organization named “Nusroto- Al Anashid Charity Association"(Acknowledgment note 203/AD) dated 04/10/2005. -In 2006, the organization established the "Cenacle of the Son of Man” to rehabilitate alcohol and drug addicts, internal category. -In 2011, the association became a member at Prison Fellowship International. -In 2012, the association enrolled in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association was elected to represent the Asian continent in the World Federation Against Drug. -In 2014, the association opened up a rehabilitation center to follow up and prevent drug and alcohol addiction, external category.

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A brief overview of Fr. Marwan Ghanem

• Founder and Chairman for Nusroto Choir.
• Founder and president of Fr. Marwan Ghanem Institute for music and arts.

•Co- Founder and president of Nusroto Association 

• Chairman of Cenacle of the Son of Man for the rehabilitation of drug addicts males and females.
• President of Prison Fellowship-International in Lebanon.
• Former General Chaplain of Lebanese prisons.
• Former Priest in St Elie -Khorbet kanafar & St. Charbel, St. Rocks- Kaa Rim parishes -Maronite Diocese of Zahle.

• Archpriest in St Maroun Cathedral- Maronite Diocese of Zahle.

• Priest in St Elie Wadi Al-Arayech parish- Maronite Diocese of Zahle
•Secretary and Media Officer in  the Maronite Diocese of Zahle.

• Chaplain of Women's Pastoral Committee in  the Maronite Diocese of Zahle.

• Possessor awards in:
- Musical Science and theology and philosophy from the University of the Holy Spirit - Kaslik.
- An international diploma in restorative justice from Queen's University in Canada.
- Several degrees in the management of penal institutions for reform.
• Has a history full of social contributions and humanitarian help especially in Lebanese prisons.
• Participated in:
- Attended several international conferences with Prison Fellowship-International in Jordan, Egypt, Canada and Lebanon.
- At the International Conference on the World Committee of Pastoral Catholic Prisons in Cameroon - Africa.
• A member in the World Federation Against Drugs-WFAD
• A member in the General Synod of the Prison Fellowship-International -PFI

• A member in the International Prisons Chaplains Association –IPCA Europe
• A former member in the Episcopal Commission "Justice and Peace" .
• Hosted and organized the Middle East Leadership Conference in which Prison Fellowship-Middle East in Lebanon had participated in.
• Representative of civil society organizations working in drugs and prisons field at the Ministry of Social Affairs.
• A member of Religious Leaders in Menahra Middle East network.
• A scouts Maronite Chaplain in the Diocese Maronite of Zahle.